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Dementia Care Services

We understand the very specific daily challenges and different stages of living with and caring for someone with this disease, as well as promoting the belief that appropriate care can be provided at home. The realisation that somebody you love is no longer able to fully look after themselves can be one of the hardest times in your life. However, we are successfully supporting those who may suffer from with Vascular Dementia, Lewy Body, Frontal Temporal (Picks) and Alzheimers within the comfort of their own home.

Home Care vs Residential Care

When looking at care options for elderly people living with dementia, you will find that live-in care is increasing in popularity and is much better alternative to long term residential care. By keeping the service user in a familiar environment and on a one-to-one basis, it will allow service users to receive constant and consistent support in their own home.

To discuss our home care services call us on 0116 243 0888, we are here to talk seven days a week

Case Study

In 2009 when Mrs Singh decided she needed more support and help for her farther, Mr B Singh. For some time He had Dementia which slowly has progressed to mild dementia and the family were becoming more distressed and needed the extra support for her farther. He was forgetting what he was doing and at night he had wandered out which was causing a lot of problems for the family. That’s when they turned to us.

“Homecare has made such a difference my dad. He is so well look cared for and he is more happy and alert. We don’t have to worry about anything as we have the same carers that visit my dad every day and changes are reported to me and most importantly it has helped me greatly putting my life at ease"

Our carers and management provide peace of mind to her and all our clients. We provide consistent care and quality monitoring our services for quality assurance. We provide companionship and our carers are viewed as a family member who have provided excellent support and services and have been there for them.

Dementia tool kits are available to help with providing excellent support and services to people suffering from dementia.

A simple sheet for you to collate images of those involved in your circle of support, whether carer, family or GP these visual reminders may help reduce anxiety around appointments or changeover in care. likewise, clear flashcards identifying rooms and potential hazards may help with orientation within ones home. Visual planners to reinforce key activities throughout the day can also be helpful.

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Company Number: 08489697

Tel: 0116 243 0888

Email: Enquiries@caringcompanionshomecare.co.uk

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